Chartopia intends to re-imagine the way role-playing gamers find, collect and use the material they use for conducting their Role Playing Games.

The classic pencil and paper role-playing game, that ebs and flows by a flexible narrative rather than abide by the rigid rules of board games, have for decades relied on publishers to provide source material to describe worlds, characters, equipment and events. Players, often wanting to expand on what publishers offer, create their own 'random tables' that they share with friends and fans via email or blogs.

As you might imagine, keeping a record of all your favourite random tables is quite arduous because of the multitude of formats you find them in, whether they be on an author's blog, inside a friend's spreadsheet or perhaps as a .pdf of a store download. Chartopia is designed to pull all this together by not only providing the digital tools to create, organize and edit your own random tables, but provide a means to share your tables and discover those of others.

With the integrated tools, Chartopia will vastly streamline the complicated equations and table look ups required during games. It will also save players the hassle of bringing heavy books to game sessions.

We believe our software tool can dramatically change the RPG gaming space.

Kids and adults always need a form of escapism and role playing games have been one such means of doing so. Chartopia is designed to enhance the RPG experience.